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Real Food

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About Us


At the Real Food Foundation, we bring together experts from various fields and backgrounds. In our joint mission to establish and promote a new enhanced quality of food, we aim to build bridges between different disciplines, such as natural sciences, nutrition, commerce, organic agriculture and health. 


Founded in 2016, Real Food is an independent, non-profit, transnational foundation. Anyone can join the mission. 

Real Food

What happens when
I eat ‘real food’ ?

Real Food


How the yellow carrot became our favourite kind of vegetable 


The Wheat grown in the summer sun:

From seed to flour

Open pollinated vegetables

Read about the story of the ‘Rasmus’ broccoli with Klaus Wais

‘Sun Carrot’ Juice

The success story of
the yellow carrot continues

Our mission is to make the enhanced quality of food available not only to producers and retailers, but also to consumers. 

Seedlings –
the (original) power food

Germinated seeds and their ancient history as power food

and Food
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