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"What happens when I eat real food?"

We believe true good health is more than just the absence of disease; it is a state where you enjoy all the energy, vitality and benefits life has to offer. One of the keys to achieving good health is to use the power of healthy foods to positively affect how you feel, how much energy you have, and the length and quality of your life. There is clear and definitive scientific evidence that proper nutrition plays an important and significant role in reducing the risk of degenerative diseases, and in providing long-term health and longevity.

But every healthy human being can experience the effect food has on us through this simple exercise. 
Try it now

Prepare a piece of raw carrot and a slice of potato.


Then find a quiet place, try to let go of thoughts
and connect with your heart.

Scan your body mentally. 


Start with your head - face - move down to your chest - let the energy stream through your arms and hands- take your awareness to your belly and behind - move through your legs down to your toes and back up again via your back, spine and shoulders.


Observe if it feels relaxed or full of tension.


How do you feel?

Then take a piece of carrot.


Close your eyes - put the carrot in your mouth, eat slowly and observe:


How does it feel?


Warm or cold

Bright or dark

Light or heavy


How do you feel?

Fresh or exhausted

Relaxed or concentrated

Comfortable or uneasy

Balanced or unbalanced


Try it also with the piece of raw potato and see whether it feels the same or does it feel different?


Of course, with a little practice you can try it out on other foods too. Try raw, try cooked, try organic, try non-organic.


Trust your perception.


Do it with friends and other people.
Share your experiences.


Contact us for more information!

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